Thu, Oct 15, 2020, 12:00 PM


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Shanna Sweeney


Hospitals and health systems across the country are experiencing a surge in the number of patients presenting with mental health issues. Nurses are often faced with the challenge of juggling this high demand and other clinical priorities.

With so much already on their plates and a desire to always provide high quality care, nurses are challenged with making sure patients are placed in appropriate levels of care, while juggling admission plans and keeping lengths of stays reasonable for all patients. As nurse teams tackle it all, their safety, own mental health and work satisfaction suffer impacting many layers of an organization. Presented by the psychiatrist who performed one of the United States’ first-ever telepsychiatry commitments over 20 years ago, this presentation will highlight hospital-based telepsychiatry and its ability to support and make things easier for the nursing staff at a large healthcare organization.

Using a variety of real-world program case studies with clinical, operational and financial outcomes, nurse leader attendees will be able to realize the direct and indirect value attained through telebehavioral health solutions when implemented in their emergency departments, med/surg floors and inpatient units. Attendees will understand how remote telepsychiatry clinicians can support their dedicated nursing teams and ensure they are able to perform their essential responsibilities while minimizing the extra burden of caring for mental health patients that require additional psychiatric resources.

Participants will learn

  • How telepsychiatry programs can be implemented across a hospital and/or health system
  • How nursing leaders can make the case for telepsychiatry programs that will improve the clinical care and operations
  • How to estimate the return on investment of hospital-based on-demand telepsychiatry services, including direct and indirect costs and savings/value creation


James Varrell, MD, Chief Medical Director, InSight + Regroup

Scott Baker, MBA, Senior Group Lead, VP of Partnerships, InSight + Regroup

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