Care Innovation & Transformation

Care Innovation & Transformation

AONL’s Care Innovation and Transformation (CIT) Program is a collaborative, workshop-style series of lectures, interactive exercises and training modules designed to help nursing unit leaders and their frontline staff improve patient care, hospital performance and employee engagement. The CIT program empowers front-line nurses to use their knowledge, skills and creativity to develop care innovations and lead change, strengthening and transforming their organizations from the bottom up.

On-site Hospital/System CIT Program

  • Brings the Traditional CIT program to your organization
  • An 18-month journey for frontline nursing and interprofessional from 20-25 inpatient units, departments and pre-/post-acute care settings
  • Allows your facility to engage more participants and more rapidly hardwire a culture for innovation and change in your organization.

CIT Program Benefits

  • A resource for nurse leaders seeking to transform not only care delivery but also hospital culture, so that innovation and transformation becomes a daily pattern
  • Access to renowned experts in change management, leadership accountability, conflict engagement and performance improvement strategies
  • Exposure to and benchmarking with nursing and interprofessional colleagues from across the country facing a similar journey to change
  • AONL’s proven track record of working with over 200 hospitals across the country on redesigning health care delivery