Mon, Jan 23, 2023, 12:00 PM – Mon, Jan 23, 2023, 12:45 PM

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How Henry Ford Health Revolutionized Their Labor Approach

To successfully navigate an ever-changing workforce landscape, nurse leaders must embrace and support flexible employment models. The nurses and staff in today’s labor pool have clearly expressed their desire to choose their own schedules, and many are gravitating to organizations that allow them the freedom to prioritize their own work-life balance and mental health. 

To build and grow high-quality nursing and non-traditional float pools, savvy nurse leaders are moving flexible employment models to the forefront of strategy for 2023. To build such a roadmap at your organization, you will need answers to critical questions, like how should your team prepare for the strategy? What steps can you take to operationalize a successful program in your market? What are the must-haves, and what should leaders avoid?  

This webinar will address these questions and share how Henry Ford Health expanded its float pool beyond nursing and across multiple disciplines. You will hear from the program's director as she explains the challenges and obstacles she overcame to modernize their approach to today’s workforce, how she championed the movement and how she managed the change across the enterprise. 

Learning objectives

  • Learn best practices for building a modernized, expanded workforce strategy
  • Find out how to gain support and build a program specific to your market(s)
  • Learn how to operationalize a program that supports multiple locations
  • Learn how to implement a long-term strategy for success that scales as your organization grows and/or faces unforeseen workforce challenges
  • Gain insights on how to successfully partner with your human resources/talent acquisition teams to accomplish workforce goals


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Jennifer FirmalanJennifer Firmalan, MSN, RN, CCWP, Vice President - Workforce, Einstein II at Hallmark Health Care Solutions (HHCS)
Jennifer leads HHCS’ Einstein II strategy development to help hospitals and health systems build and optimize scalable nurse float pools to meet department and patient needs. As a nurse manager at Mount Carmel Health System, she was instrumental in implementing Einstein II to power their in-house float pool program (FlexChoice). Additionally, at OSU Wexner Medical Center and Munson Healthcare, she led design, implementation and system-wide management of the program responsible for insourcing their VMS process, decreasing agency spend across eight hospital locations, outpatient clinics and specialty areas by the implementation of a technology driven float pool.

Kim SauroKimberley Sauro, RN, BAS, BCom, Director, Best Choice Program at Henry Ford Health
Kim serves as director of the Best Choice Float Pool, an internal agency at Henry Ford Health System. Since taking on this leadership role, the program has seen significant growth, cost containment and less reliance on costly agency personnel, while focusing on quality patient care and deployment of staff who met experience requirements and passed pre-hire challenge exams. In addition to six years with the Best Choice Program, her nursing experience includes working as a critical care nurse, case manager, transplant coordinator, clinical instructor, clinical manager and unit director.


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