Leader2Leader Member Community

Connect With Nurse Leaders

The Leader2Leader Member Community is an exclusive online forum where AONL members can connect with peers, ask questions, share insights and match with mentors. Mentorship gives experienced nurse leaders an opportunity to help develop the next generation. It gives mentees guidance and resources for leadership as they are growing in their career.

Community Highlights

Participants will have the opportunity to develop business contacts, access industry information and gain valuable insights from experienced and successful nurse leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the Leader2Leader Member Community created?
Through surveys and task forces, AONL members said an online mentorship program would be beneficial to their professional development. Long-time leaders are looking for a way to share their experiences. New and emerging leaders are looking for professional guidance. In response, AONL developed the Leader2Leader Member Community.

I'm not an AONL member. Can I still join Leader2Leader?
Leader2Leader is only open to AONL members. Become an AONL member to join Leader2Leader.

What can I do as a mentor/mentee?
In this program, members can create a profile, browse other mentors and mentees and create meaningful mentoring relationships. Mentors and mentees have access to a host of articles and forums to ensure a positive and beneficial mentoring experience.

How do I enroll?
Any active member can enroll as a mentor or mentee. Access the instructions for signing up (the process is essentially the same for both mentor and mentee). 

How are mentors and mentees matched?
Mentors and mentees are matched using questions and interests as identified when you complete your mentor/mentee profile.

How do I communicate with my mentor/mentee?
The mentorship program communicates mentors and mentees through online message boards and private messaging system through out Leader2Leader website.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
For additional information on the Leader2Leader Mentorship Program, please contact AONL.