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2023 Survey of Registered Nurses: The Pandemic’s Consequences

[Sponsored] As the largest profession in the healthcare industry, the primary point of care and support for hundreds of millions of patients, and the human foundation of our entire healthcare system, what happens to nurses is critical for all healthcare and all patients. 

The 2023 Survey of Registered Nurses explores the viewpoints of more than 18,000 RNs and the effect the COVID-19 pandemic had on their careers and personal lives. Our most comprehensive study yet, this year’s report reveals a sudden decline in nurses’ personal and professional views toward nursing since the last RN survey in 2021. 

Compared to 2021, career satisfaction among nurses dropped 10 percentage points, and feeling emotionally drained rose 15 points. Worry that their job is affecting their health increased 19 points, and the percentage of nurses likely to encourage others to become a nurse dropped 14 points. 

At the same time, the 2023 RN Survey points the way toward solutions to the current situation. Comparisons show that positives are interrelated, such as stress reduction and utilization of mental health and wellbeing services result in better career and job satisfaction. 

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