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A survey found 11% of hospitalized patients needed 10 or more needle sticks to obtain a single blood sample, with more than half requiring multiple needle stick attempts for a single procedure.
Advanced photodrolysis technology reduced the pathogens that can lead to health care-acquired infections, according to a study.
In the spring issue of AACN Advanced Critical Care, Gale Adcock, MSN, RN, a North Carolina state senator provides lessons learned during her journey from nurse to elected official.
In an American Hospital Association podcast, San Luis Valley Hospital’s Monica Hinds, RN, director of emergency services, and Stephanie Posorske, CNM, RN, discuss how the Alamosa (Colorado) hospital is implementing creative strategies to keep obstetric services open for their community.
Fewer students are entering baccalaureate degree completion, master’s and PhD programs, posing challenges for nursing to meet U.S. health care needs, according to annual data released by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.
Novice and seasoned nurses support each other, and both groups desire more mentorship opportunities, a survey found.
El Camino Health’s one-year nurse residency program appeals to Gen Z nurses, who prioritize a clear path to realize their career goals, said AONL member and CNO Cheryl Reinking, DNP, RN.
Improving the nursing work environment, staffing and nurse education can raise the patient experience scores used to determine reimbursements to hospitals, a study found.
Nurse leaders at AONL 2024 discussed how they are utilizing virtual nursing and robotics in their care models to improve recruitment and retention.
Nurse leaders emphasized career development at AONL 2024 in New Orleans last week.