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Decreasing Hospital-Acquired Conditions

Tools and Tactics for success

[Sponsored] Nursing leaders prevented hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) during the recent pandemic patient surges with a combination of teamwork, data-driven technologies and enhanced safety protocols. This executive dialogue convened nurse executives to share their insights on developing a strong safety culture that will outlast the pandemic. Leaders also discussed the best ways to win staff buy-in for the new quality initiatives, a must for successful adoption.

Decreasing Hospital-Acquired Conditions

This executive dialogue will highlight key findings on:

  • Hospital-acquired condition prevention should not fall solely on nurses. During COVID surges, an all-hands-on-deck approach improved outcomes, a teamwork mentality leaders want to keep.
  • Most nurse leaders worry about patient falls and pressure injuries.
  • Regular safety meetings, checklists and improved accountability measures help reduce HACs.
  • Virtual sitters, chair alarms, toilet alarms and automated patient monitoring systems also help to diminish harm. Leaders also found value in artificial intelligence software, used to identify high-risk patients.
  • Hidden biases can affect treatment. For example, some clinicians may turn obese patients less than they do others. Data can help reveal these biases.
  • Organizations can improve safety culture with a consistent change management process led by C-suite leaders.

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Decreasing Hospital-Acquired Conditions



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