COVID-19 toolkit released for long-term care clinicians

Five health organizations last week released a toolkit for clinicians in post-acute and long-term care settings about the benefits of the COVID-19 bivalent booster and oral antiviral therapeutics. In addition, the Department of Health and Human Services released a report on long COVID with recommendations on how to deliver high-quality care, along with resources and supports to individuals and families impacted by long COVID. Research indicates between 5% and 30% of those who had COVID-19 may have long COVID symptoms, and about one million people are out of the workforce at any given time due to long COVID. A study published Nov. 17 in the American Journal of Infection Control found a nursing home COVID helpline offered real-time information and relief to staff. Another study published in the same journal found health care workers isolating from COVID-19 could return to work earlier if they tested negative.