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Tri-Council for Nursing Welcomes State of the World’s Nursing 2020: Investing in Education, Jobs and Leadership Report

Press Release

Chicago - April 7, 2020

The Tri-Council for Nursing* applauds the publication of the World Health Organization’s State of the World’s Nursing 2020: Investing in Education, Jobs and Leadership report. In the midst of a global pandemic affecting the vast majority of countries across the world, this report takes on even greater significance. 

Published in the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife, this report provides new insights into the nursing profession and further reinforces the world’s need for nurses to work to the full extent of their education and preparation now more than ever. 

Although the focus of the report is not the COVID-19 pandemic, its recommendations are extremely relevant in this time of crisis, namely “to invest in a massive acceleration of nursing education, create at least 6 million new nursing jobs by 2030 and strengthen nurse leadership.” 

Nurses globally are stepping forward as leaders in shaping health care policy in order to provide care and address the capacity gaps during the pandemic. 

Ultimately, it is incumbent on the nursing profession and their countries’ governments to utilize the evidence presented in this report as a foundation from which to pursue solutions that not only meet today’s challenges but also those of the future.   

This report can be downloaded at

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The Tri-Council for Nursing is an alliance of five autonomous nursing organizations each focused on leadership for education, practice and research. While each organization has its own constituent membership and unique mission, they are united by common values and convene regularly for the purpose of dialogue and consensus building, to provide stewardship within the profession of nursing. These organizations represent nurses in practice, nurse executives and nursing educators. The Tri-Council’s diverse interests encompass the nursing work environment, health care legislation and policy, quality of health care, nursing education, practice, research and leadership across all segments of the health delivery system. 

* American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the American Nurses Association, the American Organization for Nursing Leadership, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, and the National League for Nursing. 

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