CNO details Gen Z nurse retention

El Camino Health’s one-year nurse residency program appeals to Gen Z nurses, who prioritize a clear path to realize their career goals, said AONL member and CNO Cheryl Reinking, DNP, RN. The Mountain View, Calif.-based hospital enables novice nurses to specialize in labor and delivery, emergency and oncology, as well as to combine clinical hours, classes, evidence-based projects and dedicated training support. The program boasts a 92% retention rate. In addition, Gen Z nurses are drawn to the hospital’s nursing partnership councils. Led by direct care nurses and utilized on all units, the councils permit nurses to solve problems for patients and create an optimal nursing practice environment. The hospital also offers Gen Z nurses a mentoring relationship with a seasoned nurse and prioritizes work-life balance. (HealthLeaders Media article, 4/12/24)