NAM releases compendium of well-being resources

The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) released a Resource Compendium for Health Care Worker Well-Being, which highlights tools and strategies to address systems issues related to health care worker burnout. “Stress, trauma and burnout among front-line health care workers are at historic levels as we head into the third year of the pandemic,” said Robyn Begley, DNP, RN, AONL CEO and American Hospital Association senior vice president of workforce and chief nursing officer, who serves on the collaborative’s steering committee. “Health care is, at its core, people caring for people. NAM’s detailed plans and actionable resources will help support well-being and resiliency of caregivers who continue to make sacrifices for all of us.” Compendium resources focus on advancing organizational commitment; strengthening leadership behaviors; conducting workplace assessments; examining policies and practices; enhancing workplace efficiency; and cultivating a culture of connection and support. The compendium was produced by the Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience, which includes the American Hospital Association (AHA). (AHA News article, 1/10/22)