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Abstract Presentation for AONL 2023

The call for abstracts is now closed.


Tips for Writing a Compelling Abstract

The intended outcome of a good abstract is to create a compelling presentation that will inspire and engage through the dissemination of innovative, applicable ideas that meet a real need. Watch our free webinar, How to Write a Compelling Abstract.

Before submitting, please consider the following:

  • The final abstract should be clear and easy to read and understand.
  • Is your presentation title creative and clear? 
  • Will the session description hook the audience?
  • Does the abstract narrative fit the content themes for which AONL is seeking?
  • Has anyone else reviewed the abstract? Co-presenters should review and make edits to the draft. Consider asking a colleague who is a good editor to critique the abstract. Once you finished editing, set it aside and return to it later with fresh eyes before you officially submit.


Conference Themes

The AONL 2023 call for abstracts focuses on addressing leadership challenges in the new normal. 


Integrating a transient workforce; onboarding new graduates with no clinical experience; creative recruitment and retention

Mental wellbeing of leaders and frontline staff

Creating communities of healing; outcomes of wellbeing interventions; supporting manager wellbeing; addressing workplace violence and incivility

Innovative care delivery models

Impact of innovative care models; advocating for what is needed to provide care in new ways (i.e. decreasing documentation burden, engaging with technology)


Health equity and diversity

Advancing health equity, eliminating racial disparities, and leading diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives


Keeping values and ethics as a priority; ensuring quality and safety, recruitment and retention of managers

Presentation Formats

The intended outcome of a good abstract is to create a compelling presentation that will inspire and engage through the dissemination of innovative, applicable ideas that meet a real need. AONL 2023 offers several sessions formats to enhance the learning, sharing and networking experience for conference participants.

Abstract Requirements

Prior to developing an abstract, it is important to review the submission requirements, character limits within each section and AONL 2023 content priorities.

Tip: Organize, outline and write the abstract in a Word document before entering the content to the online submission. This will save time, ensure the word limits are met, avoid spelling errors and avoid browser time-out issues. After the abstract is written, please copy/paste the information into the submission form.



The abstract should address important issues facing nursing leadership that are relevant and inspiring with practical takeaways.


The abstract should include a clear description of lessons learned along with clear research and success measures.


The abstract should include relevant evidence that provides support for an initiative or practice.



The abstract should offer innovative practices and ideas that are stimulating and challenging, soliciting thoughtful reflection on leadership practice. The abstract should address how the work has led to transformation in nursing practice and leadership.


The abstract should provide information to support how the program, initiative or research could be adopted or addressed by others in a variety of settings (rural, community, critical access, etc.). Research studies should include application and relevance for nurse leaders.


The abstract should be focused, easy to follow and offer clear implications for what a participant will gain by attending the session. Objectives should be meaningful and obtainable with a clear connection that it meets AONL Conference attendees’ expectations for excellence.

Important Dates