Nursing school center aims to eliminate LGBTQ health disparities

In keeping with Columbia University School of Nursing's long-standing commitment to LGBTQ health, the school launched a center this week to study health among sexual and gender minority (SGM) populations. “The center will support rigorous interdisciplinary research on the social, political, and economic determinants of health for SGM populations, which will in turn inform practice and form a knowledge base for interventions to address health disparities,” said Tonda Hughes, PhD, executive director of the Center for Sexual and Gender Minority Health Research. Research shows SGM individuals face an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, substance abuse disorders, depression and suicidal behavior compared to their heterosexual peers. The center’s research portfolio contains multiple funded studies, including several long-running studies supported by the National Institutes of Health. (Columbia University School of Nursing news release, 6/15/21)