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Foresight Leadership

Jun 2, 2020
Breadcrumb Home Education Webinars
Feb 28, 2020
Empower your nurses, transform your organization’s environment, create a positive culture and improve patient outcomes by harnessing your nurses’ strengths. Interviews with new graduates show how RNs can build nursing excellence within the organization through small but significant changes such as…
Feb 3, 2020
We often hear the term “culture of excellence” but many health care professionals struggle to understand what that entails or how it is measured. Would you recognize organizational excellence when you saw it? –or moreover, would the public? Through an overview of the research, structures and…
Jan 6, 2020
Despite existing as a role in the hospital for more than a century, recent research has shown that nurse leaders—who are administrative or house supervisors during the evening and weekend shifts when unit managers, directors and hospital administrators are not in the hospital—lack important role-…