2025 Annual Conference

AONL 2024 Landyards and Badges

Conference Badges and Lanyard | $18,000

Elevate your brand's visibility with this premium sponsorship opportunity! Secure the spotlight for your logo with an exclusive placement on attendee badges and lanyards, ensuring prominent exposure throughout the entire event.

These badges and lanyards will be distributed to all event participants during registration, making them an integral part of their event experience. Your company logo will be prominently featured alongside the official AONL event logo, creating a lasting impression. But that's not all – the badge holder also boasts a customizable QR code. This feature provides a direct link to a URL of your choice, allowing you to engage attendees and drive traffic to your preferred destination, whether it's your website, a special offer, or a specific landing page.

Don't miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to make your mark at the event while ensuring your brand remains front and center throughout the entire duration. Join us as a sponsor and let your logo shine!