2025 Annual Conference


Industry Focus Group

2023 Focus Group

Industry Focus Group | Limited Availability | $10,000

AONL will work with you to invite a group of attendees to help you gauge interest and promote services. This is a great opportunity to gather industry data to launch a product or idea or improve existing products or concepts.

Opportunity Details

  • AONL will send an invitation email to annual conference registrants, gather list of interested participants and share with the sponsor.
  • AONL provides and assigns meeting space at the convention center. AONL coordinates logistics including onsite signage and lunch buffet, included in the cost of the sponsorship. AV needs are charged directly to the sponsor.
  • As an incentive, attendees may receive a $50 stipend for participating. (Included in cost of sponsorship.)
  • Limited to 10 attendees per focus group.