Salary Study for Nurse Leaders

See how Your Salary Stacks up

Over the past nine years, the American Organization for Nursing Leadership has provided up-to-date data surrounding the compensation of nurses throughout the field. The AONL Salary and Compensation Study for Nurse Leaders, conducted every three years, supports AONL’s objectives of advancing nursing practice and patient care, promoting nursing leadership excellence and shaping public policy for health care nationwide.

Thank you for your responses!

AONL has engaged an independent consulting firm, McKinley Advisors, to field the 2019 AONL Salary and Compensation Study for Nurse Leaders. Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey. Your responses ensure that AONL continues to provide robust data surrounding compensation of nurse leaders.

What you will find in the 2016 report

Nursing Salaries
Half of responding nurse leaders’ salaries fall between $90,000 and $149,999.
Salary by Education
Sixty-one percent of nurse leaders who have a master’s degree earn between $100,000 and $179,999 per year.
Fifty-three percent of respondents rate their willingness to recommend a career in nursing leadership as a nine or ten on a ten point scale.



For additional information about the AONL salary and compensation study, contact AONL.

Data was collected confidentially and has been shared throughout this report in aggregate form. The collection of data and presentation in this report follows the safety zone requirements described in the Statement of Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission Enforcement Policy on provider participation in exchanges of price and cost information.