AONL Seeks Workforce Best Practices

AONL invites nurse leaders to share their workforce best practices and innovations by Aug. 31, which will be used to assemble a compendium to support and to develop nurse leaders. Respondents should share their best practices in the areas of 1) front-line nurse leader recruitment and retention; 2) talent acquisition and attraction; 3) leadership; 4) compensation and benefits; 5) academic-clinical partnerships; 6) positive practice environment; and 7) culture of inquiry. The organization encourages diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging examples. Led by Deb Zimmermann, DNP, RN, and Claire Zangerle, DNP, RN, AONL’s workforce committee and subcommittees will evaluate these exemplars, structure recommendations, including models of care delivery, and leadership responsibility and education for each of the seven topic areas. AONL will release the compendium in three sections, starting in October, highlighting scenarios and stories from front-line leaders.