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Success for leaders means staying one step ahead. Tune into Today in Nursing Leadership for monthly conversations with nursing leadership experts, featuring information, insights and innovations that drive change and provoke action. In each episode, hear from experts highlighting challenges facing nurse leaders today and how to navigate these for success.

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Latest Episodes

"Evidence-Based Mentorship Program for New Nursing Managers

August 28, 2023

Evidence suggests mentorship increases nurse manager competencies, self-efficacy, engagement, and safety outcomes. Yet less than 7% have formal mentorship programs, and many are promoted based on clinical success rather than leadership ability. 60% or more have less than four years’ experience and are leaving positions within two years. Consider the cost of learning through trial & error for a nurse manager vs providing the proper framework, tools, and ongoing support to remain effective.

"You May Be on to Something": A New Model for Frontline Nursing Leadership

August 14, 2023

The role of the front-line nurse leader is one of the most difficult and expansive in health care. Learn how one health system is realigning leadership roles to support the critical nature of the nurse leader leading to more meaningful work, while simultaneously creating opportunities for entry level non-clinical leadership to support the work of nurses to create an inclusive and collaborative work environment.

Creating a Path to the BSN: A Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

July 31, 2023

Associate nurse graduates can often find themselves locked out of employment. In this panel discussion, learn more about disparities in opportunities for nursing students who are not advantaged by race or socioeconomic status with regard to nursing education and employment; and how Beth Israel, Deaconess Medical Center recognized this and came up with an innovative solution to address the issue.

Collaboration with Rural Partners: Taking Care of the Region

July 24, 2023

Healthcare in a rural setting is very challenging. With limited resources, including staff, equipment, and supplies, many organizations are struggling to stay open. There is an option that can help - a strong relationship with a regional partner. This session will provide details on how the regional partner can help ensure success by introducing methods used to collaborate, including educational support, clinical touchpoints, and routine meetings. This podcast is brought to you by Teledoc.

Virtual Nursing - The Future of Compassionate Care is Here

July 17, 2023

Improving nursing engagement while struggling with staffing shortages, burnout, and unbalanced ratios of novice to experienced nurses can seem overwhelming. Then add the COVID-19 challenges. Determined to be innovative despite hardship, our team created a new model to provide compassionate bedside nursing, virtually. The outcomes were and continue to be impressive. We improved both patient experience and nursing satisfaction. You are invited to learn about our win-win virtual nurse care model. This podcast is sponsored by Teledoc.

Rise from the Ashes of a Pandemic: Changing Care Models, Changing Cultures

July 10, 2023

Rise up from the ashes of the pandemic to create a sustainable future of the nursing workforce. This session will explain strategies to implement an effective care model that will change the culture of nursing departments and organizations to one of inclusiveness, teamwork, and support. Implementing this care model will help leaders deliver on quality outcomes, improve nursing engagement and patient satisfaction, decrease vacancy rates and turnover, and reduce agency spend. This podcast is brought to you by Teledoc.

Improve Safety through Acuity-Based Scheduling and Data-Driven Patient Assignments

June 26, 2023

Improve safety through acuity-based staffing and data-driven patient assignments. Across the country we have seen nurses going on strike or just begging for safe working conditions and many hospitals are struggling to deliver because there just aren’t enough nurses.  Clinical Science helps ensure workloads are safe and realistic and gives leaders insight into where support is needed most while also supporting smart nurse-patient assignments. This podcast is sponsored by InforLearn more.

Building partnerships to transform health care

June 19, 2023

Nursing leaders can create valuable partnerships to help achieve their goals for innovation and change in health care. We discuss how to become innovation ready (ideas as seeds, fertile ground, ideas to grow) by supporting our nurses in a more intentional way. In leveraging the full capabilities and resources of key partners where goals are aligned and cultivating a healthy environment where nurses feel safe and heard, innovation can yield a simpler, better, more value add experience for both patient and caregiver. This podcast is sponsored by B BraunLearn more.

Empowering Nurses through Innovation: Optimized Workflows for Medication Administration

June 12, 2023

Since their debut, Automated Dispensing Cabinets have evolved to meet the challenges of medication management, but keeping pace with technological advances can be a challenge for organizations. Now more than ever, nurses need optimized workflows. Learn how an as-a-Service model can transform medication management through collaboration and innovation. Kristine Shepherd, MSN, RN, Clinical Nurse Consultant for Omnicell, and Jackie Smith, Principal Product Designer at Omnicell, share their perspectives.  This podcast is sponsored by OmnicellLearn more.

Dynamic Staffing

June 5, 2023

With labor and supply chain costs soaring, the need for workflow efficiencies that support a dynamic staffing model are more important than ever. During this episode, Corrie Halas and Samantha Glennon, two of UKG’s Regional Nurse Executives, will discuss how organizations are becoming more innovative in order to provide dynamic real-time staffing with the support of technology. Learn how self-scheduling and shift swapping can be performed on the UKG’s mobile app and how these tools support the individual practitioner to be flexible and fully aware of the care demands across their organization. This podcast is sponsored by UKGLearn more.

Creating a Post-Pandemic Positive Practice Environment

April 17, 2023

This podcast explores how nurse leaders can foster a healthy nursing workplace environment where leaders can grow and thrive: Be well, be safe and stay well. Learn more.

Supporting Frontline Nurse Managers with Recruitment and Retention

April 3, 2023

Frontline Nurse managers have become the “shock absorbers’ for their staff during the pandemic. To give them better tools and support their work, this podcast looks at a redesign of the frontline nursing model; how individual nurse managers can be empowered and supported; and how a centralization of nurse staffing and scheduling can help. Learn more.

Talent Attraction and Acquisition

March 20, 2023

A discussion of the process to find the right nurse applicants and how to expedite. This conversation looks at the issue from three phases: how to attract and identify the appropriate candidates; submission of applicants, conducting interviews, offering the positions and getting acceptance; and the pre-board and onboarding processes. Learn more.

Meaning and Joy in Nurse Manager Practice – Keys to Leader Fulfillment

December 12, 2022

Nurse managers are at a crossroads and need our support. Explore strategies to bring meaning and joy in nursing manager practice through five themes: to mentor and be mentored, to focus on the patient, to create and cultivate environments, to be optimistic, and to be empowered by leaders. Learn more.

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