2025 Annual Conference

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Conference Mobile App | $15,000

Maximize your brand's exposure and engage with a dynamic audience of over 3,000 unique users by becoming a featured sponsor of our event's mobile app. This sponsorship offers unparalleled visibility and direct access to attendees through various channels:

App Presence:

  • Splash Screen: Your company logo will take center stage on the app's splash screen, ensuring that your brand is the first thing users see when accessing the app.

Engaging Content:

  • Promoted Posts: Benefit from two promoted posts within the app, allowing you to deliver targeted messages and content directly to users.

Prime Placement:

  • App-Sponsored Section: Enjoy prime placement within a dedicated app-sponsored section. This section will prominently feature your company, along with a link to your website, providing additional value and driving traffic to your online presence.

Comprehensive Exposure:

  • Multi-Channel Promotion: Your sponsorship will be recognized not only within the app but also in all communications related to the app, including print materials, on-site signage, and digital communications.

Data Analytics:

  • Post-Show Data: Gain valuable insights into user engagement through post-show data analytics, allowing you to assess the impact of your sponsorship.

Don't miss this opportunity to position your company as a key player and resource within the event's digital ecosystem. Secure your sponsorship now to reap the benefits of prime exposure and engagement with our tech-savvy audience.