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Today in Nursing Leadership Podcast
People deserve to experience us at their best. Explore best practices on how to develop deeper connections and become an inspirational leader through work-life integration and being fully in the present.
The shortage of talent is a challenge for healthcare organizations nationwide. Break long standing practices and apply innovative solutions to help achieve your care goals.
Today in Nursing Leadership Podcast
Understanding where to start to address burnout, turnover, and violence in our nurses is often overwhelming for nurse leaders.
Today in Nursing Leadership Podcast
The ongoing effects of COVID-19 pandemic are taking a significant toll on the mental and physical health of our nurses. Hear from Crystal Morales on how implementing a director of nurse wellbeing helped repair and improve nurses mental and physical health through critical resources and education.
Tools and Tactics for success. Nursing leaders prevented hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) during the recent pandemic patient surges with a combination of teamwork, data-driven technologies and enhanced safety protocols.
Today in Nursing Leadership Podcast
Deb Washington discusses strategies on how to recruit and retain a diverse nursing workforce of BIPOC professionals (Black, Indigenous and People of Color).
Healthcare providers are facing a shortage of available nursing staff. In this guide, we discuss how Workforce Management Software can help them retain and attract staff.
Today in Nursing Leadership Podcast
Hear from Rachel Culpepper on how to become an advocate to make an impact on nursing issues affecting your patients, community and nursing teams.
Today in Nursing Leadership Podcast
Dr. John “Skip” Williams discusses how software technology designed for critical care units can benefit nurses during shift changes by providing all relevant information on their patients, reducing clinician burden and EMR stress.
Today in Nursing Leadership Podcast
Nurses and leaders are experiencing moral adversity that can lead to various types of moral suffering. Cynda Rushton discusses an evidence based program that offers a pathway to fortify nurses inherent resilience and integrity and arm them with the tools necessary to meet the inevitable ethical challenges that arise in health care.
AMN Healthcare’s SPECIAL REPORT on the 2021 Survey of Registered Nurses, Nursing and the Nation: Extreme Challenges, Extraordinary Impact illustrates the pandemic’s impact on the mental health and wellbeing of nurses.
Today in Nursing Leadership Podcast
Health care is hungry for exemplary nursing leadership for the future. Traditional approaches/structures are no longer adequate. Tim Porter-O'Grady explores how professional governance provides the structural requisite for advancing this essential leadership.
Using technology to improve patient care and staff efficiency. Artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and remote monitoring tools hold great promise in health care. Some of these tools go a long way in supporting clinicians, especially during the pandemic.
Today in Nursing Leadership Podcast
Rose Hedges and Carmen Kleinsmith discuss how clinicians used an open culture of frontline innovation to build just-in-time devices for COVID-19 protocols in ICU patient care, PPE and patient transportation.
The AMN Healthcare 2021 Survey of Registered Nurses illustrates the pandemic’s impact on the mental health and wellbeing of nurses, highlights trends of nurses seeking advanced education and training, and provides unique viewpoints on diversity, equality, and inclusion in the healthcare environment.
The omicron subvariant BA.2 accounts for 35% of U.S. COVID-19 cases nationwide and more than 50% in the Northeast, according to estimates from the CDC
Workforce management strategy can be complex, but one thing is clear: Some employers are overlooking critical details in driving staff engagement. A survey of more than 200 health care workers nationwide to gain insights into how well health care organizations are supporting their team members.