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The American Organization for Nursing Leadership partnered with Joslin Insight to conduct a five-part longitudinal study on the challenges facing nurse leaders. The latest study, based on insight from nearly 2,500 nurse leaders, also includes data on nurse leader satisfaction and intent to leave.

Nurse Leaders’ Top Challenges, Recruitment and Retention, Emotional Health and Workplace Violence

The latest Longitudinal Nursing Leadership Insight Study examines changes in health care from the perspective of nurse leaders. While still a primary challenge, the state of staff emotional health and well-being is at its best since July 2020. The challenge of travelers and the contingent workforce has also improved substantially since summer 2022. The mounting challenges today are staff recruitment and retention, financial resource availability and workplace violence. This report addresses effective solutions for various aspects, such as interdisciplinary collaboration, listening to direct care nurses and work-life balance.

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When using this data in media, communications, or presentations, please reference it as: American Organization for Nursing Leadership Foundation’s 2024 Longitudinal Nursing Leadership Insight Study.

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